Rocq Capital Growth Fund

The Rocq Capital Growth Fund looks to deliver medium to long term capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of assets including equities, fixed interest securities, alternative investments, commodities and cash. Typically the Rocq Capital Growth Fund will allocate more than half of the portfolio into equity markets in order to achieve significant growth over time with higher levels of volatility than the Rocq Capital Balanced Fund. Mostly the strategy will be to invest in other funds, such as UCITSs, SICAVs, ETFs, Investment Trusts or closed-ended investment companies, but will not be limited to them and may also invest directly into equities, bonds and other assets.

The Rocq Capital team have managed discretionary portfolios for many years and have a proven track record in delivering returns to investors. By following an asset-allocation approach, this style of management seeks to achieve capital growth over the medium to long term by investing in a diverse range of markets.

The Investment Manager will have a top-down approach to management of the Fund. It will first form a view on the macro economic outlook and will then consider other factors, such as the technical positioning of each asset class and the implications for market prices. It will then consider the most appropriate asset allocation across the fund.

When the Investment Manager invests in funds it has access to the research resources of Rocq Capital which enables the Investment Manager to consider a wide range of funds securities to populate portfolios The investment Manager monitors underlying funds and their managers to understand their performance, thoughts and positioning of their investment strategies. This due diligence and understanding is an important part of the investment selection and ongoing process and ensures that the asset allocation is in line with the investment objectives of the Fund.

For scheme & cell particulars, and fund application forms, please view the Fund Documents.


Rocq Capital Growth Fund – April 2021

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